Decathlon and Secondary Starter Pack Bundle

Decathlon and Secondary Starter Pack Bundle
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A series of ten fitness and sporting events that develops a broad range of fitness and sporting skills and generates scores and awards across Triathlon, Pentathlon and Decathlon programmes. The Agility Challenge develops the skill sets of youngsters across many sports and activities. Participants can assess their fitness levels individually or as part of a team.

Kit contains:

1 x Triathlon Bag

1 x Speed Bounce Mat with Yellow Wedge

1 x Intermediate Metromat

1 x Balance Beam

1 x Balance Beam Mat

4 x Stopwatch

3 x Whistles and Lanyards

1 x Full Set of Activity Cards

1 x Certificates - Pack of 50

1 x Score Cards - Pack of 50

1 x Ring Binder

1 x Sportshall handbook

1 x Wall chart

1 x Sportshall DVD

1 x Pacesetter handbook

1 x Throws Bag

1 x 1kg Vinyl Medicine Ball

1 x 2kg Vinyl Medicine Ball

1 x 3kg Vinyl Medicine Ball

3 x Blue 23cm Cones

3 x Green 23cm Cones

3 x Red 23cm Cones

3 x Yellow 23cm Cones

1 x Size 4 Football

3 x 10m Graduated Measuring Mat

1 x Vertical Jump PAK

1 x Javelin Bag

4 x Bull Nosed Javelin

4 x Foam Javelins

2 x Petranoff Turbo Javelin 400g

1 x Standing triple jump 8.5m including bag

1 x Target Throw including bag

1 x Hi Stepper Yellow Wedges and Blue Base Mat

5 x Gold Badges

10 x Silver Badges

25 x Bronze Badges

200 x Certificates

2 x Posters

200 x Score Cards.

GBP2159.95 ex VAT

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