Share My Basket

Save Admin Time With Share My Basket

With Share My Basket, the process is simple; fill the online basket as normal then email it directly to the business/office manager for them to import and complete the order.

It is extremely easy-to-use and has been created to solve issues that both teachers and administrators experience when dealing with order requests.

Sharing A Basket

Perfect For Teachers

Step 1. Fill Your Basket

Find the items you need on our website, add them to basket and make sure you’ve also updated any quantities.

Tip: You don’t need to be logged in to use Share My Basket!

Step 2. Share Your Basket

When you’re happy with the selection, simply click “Share My Basket” on the basket screen.

Enter your name, the name and email of the colleague receiving the basket; the email will then be sent when you confirm.

Tip: You can add a message to your request, the receiver will see it clearly on the email

Completing An Order

Perfect For School Business Managers

Step 1. Receiving a Basket

You’ll receive an email from BRAND which will include the requested products. Easily import the full basket by clicking the “Import” button.

Simply head to our website where you’ll then see the products in the basket.

Tip: Imported products from a Share My Basket request will never overwrite products you may have in your current basket

Step 2. Ordering a Basket

You can manage the basket as normal by adding/removing products or updating quantities, all that’s left to do then is complete the checkout and wait a short time for the products to arrive.

Tip: Save time and money by grouping multiple Share My Basket requests in to one order

Help Teachers By...

  • Removing risk of written mistakes (codes/quantity/products/prices)
  • Making the order request process simple and seamless
  • Removing reliance on shopping via catalogue
  • Taking away manual elements that come with requesting product
  • Giving back valuable teaching time

Help Business/Office Managers By...

  • Removing risk of incorrect keying (codes/quantity/products/prices)
  • Offering a simple process for how teachers should request orders
  • Removing the need to search for + add products to basket
  • Taking away the need to manual key every product code
  • Giving back valuable time to do other tasks