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Science Museum

We've joined forces with Science Museum to bring you a range of new resources perfect for your classroom or club. Developed in collaboration with teachers and students across the UK, the resources support learning in science, technology and engineering. The kits are aligned to the curriculum for upper Primary and Secondary education.


Mars Mission

Is Earth the only place where life exists? And if there is alien life out there, where exactly should we search for it?
Mars is often thought of as the best place in our own Solar System to look; its surface is cold, dry and inhospitable today, although evidence from previous space missions shows that it hasn’t always been like this. Suitable for secondary students.

• Mars rover – construct a vehicle to help you travel around the red planet
• UV detector – how much protection could sun cream give from deadly
radiation on Mars?
• Biodome activity – how can you grow food in an alien environment?


Explore aspects of sound, forces and motion, electricity and magnetism, materials, light and energy transfer by making components, such as an MP3 dock and vibrating bug, and assembling them to build a ‘chain reaction contraption’. In addition to illustrating energy transfer, this activity will allow students to explore various curriculum themes while developing their scientific thinking and team-working skills.
Suitable for secondary students.

Crime Lab

Based on evidence that can be left at real crime scenes, these three activities enable students to identify the thief in our crime story, which has been specifically invented for this kit. Suitable for secondary students.

• Fuming fingerprints – making the invisible visible
• Casting - Preserving bite marks • Swipe cards – crack the magnetic code

Mystery Boxes

Students are asked to investigate the six boxes and form hypotheses about their contents. Observations are made, evidence is gathered, suggestions are made, discussion leads to evaluation of a range of hypotheses, and a conclusion is reached. A set of six metal boxes, whose contents are secret and not revealed! They cannot be opened.
Suitable for upper primary students and secondary students.

News and Views

Groups of up to six students explore the science behind a contemporary science news story and consider various points of view before presenting their group’s viewpoint at the end of the session. They role-play science news journalists and produce their displays under real time pressures. Large, long lasting and tear-proof plastic roll up posters x 5, each with rings/eyelets, with reinforcement for hanging at top corners. These act as noticeboards for up to 5 groups, a space on which they can gather and organise their evidence, views and conclusions.
Suitable for upper primary students and secondary students..

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